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Our EVC database available for download 24/7

Hi, you are welcome.
You can get access to our EVC database and download completed and tested manual solutions, remaps, original OBD / BDM / JTAG / Tricore files and etc … so please send us the request with your EVC data to add you as customer.
To buy credits you need to make Paypal payment to info@fapremove.com
10 ols credits -     90 eur ( 9 eur for 1 credit )
20 ols credits -   160 eur ( 8 eur for 1 credit )
50 ols credits -   350 eur ( 7 eur for 1 credit )
100 ols credits -   600 eur ( 6 eur for 1 credit )
250 ols credits – 1250 eur ( 5 eur for 1 credit )
500 ols credits – 2000 eur ( 4 eur for 1 credit )
1000 ols credits – 3000 eur ( 3 eur for 1 credit )
If you buy big package with more credits, you can receive up to 55 % discount from normal reseller price.
We are working in our database and soon will upload more files, for now is 4000+ files and you can search here
If you need some new file service and they are not in our database, you can send file as request to info@fapremove.com
Our company can offered you high quality ALL FULL WORKED manual solutions with all sensors off / plugs disconnected – FAP / DPF OFF, Adblue / SCR OFF, AGR / EGR OFF,  THROTTLE / TVA OFF, SWIRL OFF, O2 / LAMBDA OFF, NOX OFF, SPEED LIMITER / SP OFF, DTC OFF and etc
Skype : dpffapremove
email and Paypal : info@fapremove.com

Our EVC available checksums plugins :

OLS253 Siemens HDI

OLS269 FORD WDS, Ford Siemens TDCI, Ford EECV

OLS270 Bosch DME, Bosch DDE

OLS280  Siemens SID803, Siemens SID803A, Siemens SID30x, Siemens SID201, SID202, SID204, Siemens SID9xx, Siemens SIDxxx, Siemens EasyU

OLS285 Bosch EDC16V2, Bosch EDC16V2 eeprom

OLS289 SISU EEM2, Siemens CLAAS/Mercury, Motorola CM570, Motorola CM850, Motorola CM876, Deutz, VDO-FMGR, VDO-ECS, Liebherr, Caterpillar ADEM3 / ADEM4 / ADEM5, Caterpillar PCMFP, New Holland GS,  Charger

OLS290 Bosch EDC7C1/3, Bosch EDC7C1/3 FB, Bosch EDC7U, Bosch EDC7-eeprom, Bosch EDC7+, Bosch EDC7 DAF

OLS293 Denso, Denso Toyota

OLS803 Denso32 V1, Denso32 V2, Transtron Isuzu

OLS807 Bosch MED17, Bosch MED17-eeprom

OLS809 Delphi DCM 3.2, Delphi DCM MB, Delphi DCM 3.4, Delphi CRD2 MB, Delphi DCM3.5 PSA, Delphi DCM3.7, Delphi CRD3, Delphi DCM 3.3

OLS818 Siemens Tricore